If you use the UT ProCard for payment of CCBB courses, please be aware that you can only charge ONCE per 24 hour period. Any attempts to charge more courses will fail, and you will not be registered.

For example, you may add one to many courses for one student into your shopping cart at any one time, and charge them to the ProCard, and you should receive a "registration successful!" page at the end. This is because you registered ONCE for ONE student. If you attempt to register and pay again, for example, for a different student, this will trigger the UT ProCard security system to stop payment, and your registration will not be successful. A page stating this fact will occur after you attempt to process payment. It looks a lot like the "registration was successful" page.

Ways to avoid this are: use the ProCard after 24 hours have passed, or the student may use their credit card and be reimbursed later through the usual UT accounting methods, or process the registration with an IDT, otherwise known as an Interdepartmental Transfer (talk to someone in your department that handles the accounts).