Lauren Ancel Meyers: Evolutionary theory, microbial evolution, and epidemiology. Follow on Twitter: @meyerslab

Nigel Atkinson: molecular, genomic, and epigenetic mechanisms underlying drug tolerance in the model organism Drosophila melanogaster.

Chandra Bajaj: Scientific visualization, computer graphics, distributed processing, algebraic computation.

Jeffrey E. Barrick: Microbial genome evolution, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics. Follow on Twitter: @UT_iGem

Jim Bull: Evolutionary genetics, molecular, classical, and theoretical biology.

David Cannatella: Comparative biology and phylogenetics/genomics. Follow on Twitter: @davidcannatella

Can Cenik: bioinformatics, machine learning, translation control, functional genomics, cancer genomics.

Z. Jeffrey Chen: Genetic, epigenetic, and evolutionary consequences of polyploidy on genome function.

Michael Daniels: Bayesian methodology, particularly longitudinal data, developing approaches for causal inference, and models for longitudinal dependence.

Inderjit Dhillon: Large-scale data mining, statistical pattern recognition, data visualization, numerical linear algebra, parallel computation.

Andy Ellington: Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of aptamers, protein and metabolic engineering. Follow on Twitter: @CSSBatUT

Robin Gutell: RNA: structure & evolution, secondary structure prediction; Big Data: rCAD-RNA Comparative Analysis Database & Comparative RNA Web (CRW) Site.

David M. Hillis: Evolutionary patterns and processes as revealed by molecular genetic techniques. Follow on Twitter @David_Hillis

Hans Hofmann: Neurogenomic analyses of social behavior and its evolution. Follow on Twitter: @HofmannLab

Vishy Iyer: Regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic genomes. Follow on Twitter: @CSSBatUT

Robert K. Jansen: Molecular systematics, molecular evolution, chloroplast DNA evolution.

Tom Juenger: Evolutionary ecology & genetics, quantitative genetics, QTL & LD mapping.

Timothy H. Keitt: Land use change and conservation in Madagascar, Network theory applied to habitat-based conservation planning.

Mark Kirkpatrick: Evolutionary theory; population and quantitative genetics.

Craig R. Linder: Evolutionary Ecology, hybridization, molecular systematics and evolution, plant evolutionary ecophysiology.

Edward Marcotte: Protein function and interactions, bioinformatics, proteomics, biological networks, evolution of genomes, proteomes, and protein interactions. Follow on Twitter: @CSSBatUT

Mia Markey: The design of cost-effective, computational medical decision aids that will help physicians better diagnose, treat, and manage cancer. Follow on Twitter @miakmarkey

Misha Matz: Ecological and evolutionary genomics or reef corals.

Risto Miikkulainen: Genetic algorithms, computational neuroscience, cognitive science.

Daniel P. Miranker: Parallel computer architecture, active/expert database systems, high performance artificial intelligence systems.

Nancy Moran: Biology of symbiosis, particularly between multicellular hosts and microbes.

Ray Mooney: Machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, natural language processing.

Ulrich Mueller: Symbiosis, fungal and bacterial community metagenomics, whole-genome shotgun analysis of microbial communities, genomics of host-symbiont co-evolution, microbial ecology, ant-fungal mutualism, plant-rhizosphere-microbe interactions.

Howard Ochman: Experimental, comparative and computational analyses to understand the evolution and adaptation of microbial genomes.

Keshav Pengali: Methodologies and tools for programming multicore processors, with a focus on irregular applications from domains like graphics, social networks, and data mining.

William H. Press: Bioinformatics and computational genomics, data mining, and pattern-recognition algorithms.

Vijaya Ramachandran: Parallel algorithms, graph algorithms, data structures.

Pradeep Ravikumar: Statistical machine learning, large-scale data mining.

Michael Ryan: Animal communication, evolution of behavior.

Sahotra Sarkar: Computational ecology and conservation biology.

Edward C. Theriot: Diatom systematics, systematic theory and applications to ecological and paleontological problems.

Claus Wilke: Computational molecular evolution, virus evolution, protein biochemistry, mathematical modeling. Follow on Twitter: @ClausWilke

Song (Stephen) Yi: Systems biology, proteomics, network biology, bioinformatics, machine learning, variomics in cancer and aging.

Harold Zakon: molecular evolution of ion channel genes; function, regulation, and evolution of voltage dependent ion channels.