Welcome to our collaborative workspace!

The CCBB Collaboratorium (located in FNT 1.202 as well as the FNT lobby) is a collaborative workspace for anyone learning, doing, or discussing bioinformatics. Here, you can do any of these activities, in the vicinity of the bioinformatics consultants, and other people working on similar projects as your own. For more information, or to reserve the space for a special event, contact Collaboratorium Coordinator Benni Goetz.

Some potential uses of the Collaboratorium:

You are working on a bioinformatic analysis with a few members of your lab, or across labs, and you want a space where you can all meet and work together.

You've discovered a few people on campus who are trying to learn the same kind of analysis you are, and you want to get together to help each other out.

After an appointment with a bioinformatics consultant, you want to spend a couple of hours trying out what you had just discussed, before you head back to the lab.

You simply need a quiet space to get away from your lab and lab mates, to concentrate and work.